Uniform Policy

All students must wear a Green or White uniform shirt with khaki pants or jumper/skirt.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential for a child to succeed in school. Most subjects are taught in sequence, requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation. Persistent absenteeism creates a gap in the student’s acquisition of knowledge, which frequently leads to lower grades. Excessive unexcused absences are reported to truancy court and the administration may recommend Saturday School for students.

It is important to recognize that frequent tardiness and/or absence from school accumulates valuable minutes and hours of lost instructional time. Missed instructional time can affect your child’s ability to be successful in school. Please make every effort to have your child present and on time each day to ensure a happy and productive school year.

Students are marked late when arriving past 9:00 am.

Please note, if a student arrives after 10:30am, they are marked as a half day absent.

Please send excuse notes to your child’s teacher no later than 3 days after the date of the absence.

The following reasons are the only recognized excused absences:

Personal illness
Family illness
Religious holiday

Absence Note

Please see the full attendance policy for details.

SDP Attendance policy

Discipline Policy

Students are expected to adhere to the district student code of conduct.

Student Code of Conduct