About Us

Mission and Vision

The staff of John B. Kelly Elementary School will provide a safe, nurturing
environment where all students can achieve at high academic levels. To ensure
that all students reach their potential, we will maintain high expectations,
promote academic excellence for all students and support their social and
emotional well-being. We will prepare our students to become independent
learners with the desires, the skills, and the abilities necessary for lifelong
learning. We will foster a positive school climate which respects and values
diversity and nurtures the self-esteem of every individual so they will be positive
contributors to society. With the support of all stakeholders, our mission to help
students reach their full potential and support the social and emotional wellbeing
of all students will be achieved.

Equity Vision

We will collaborate to facilitate action for racial equity. We will work to build
systems and identify practices that help ensure all students have opportunities
for advancement and success. We will commit to getting to know our students as
individuals and as learners and to being responsive to them in our teaching. We
will commit to practices that cultivate empathy and to the creation of a
community in which everyone feels they belong. We will aid students and
families in advocating for themselves.